SEATTLE, WA. – Dr. Jerry C. Lee, Chancellor of the National University System, announced today – Richard Carter has been named President of City University of Seattle. Mr. Carter is joining City University of Seattle from the National University System and his appointment as President is effective July 1, 2013.

A Letter from the President

Dear City University of Seattle students, staff, faculty and alumni.

I am honored to accept the City University of Seattle’s Board of Trustees appointment to become the new President of City University of Seattle. It will be my privilege to serve as the sixth President in the University’s rich forty year history.

As many of you may already know, prior to joining CityU, I served a dual role as the Vice Chancellor of Business Operations for National University System (NUS) and Executive Vice President of Business and Regional Operations for National University. Over the past ten years, I focused my time and efforts towards expanding the recruitment, enrollments and retention of students, the outreach to the various communities that National serves, and strengthening the financial and the human resources of the University and System affiliates. I had the good fortune to see the University and the System thrive and prosper. It has been personally gratifying to have been part of these accomplishments as a member of the team led by Chancellor Lee.

I now look forward to leading and pursuing similar success for City University of Seattle. CityU is widely known as an institution deeply rooted in its commitment to the working adult and providing access to anyone with a desire to learn. Both NUS and I personally share those mission-driven values and I take seriously the responsibility of taking the helm of this proud and established institution.

I have always viewed the enhancement of the student’s satisfaction, experience and value as a university’s foremost obligation. My goal as CityU’s newest President will be to embolden those qualities and continue to develop and expand services to all its constituents and collaborating communities.

While I settle into my new role and new residence here in the Pacific Northwest, I invite you to contact me with any ideas, observations or questions about how we can further enhance the CityU experience.

I hope to see or talk with many of you soon.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President.

Richard Carter
City University of Seattle
The President’s Biography

Prior to being named the sixth President of City University of Seattle and moving to the Pacific Northwest, Richard Carter served in a variety of executive capacities for National University and the National University System. Most recently, he served the dual role of Vice Chancellor, Business Operations for the National University System and Executive Vice President of Business and Regional Operations for National University. In these roles, Mr. Carter led National’s Regional Operations in its efforts related to advance recruitment, enrollment, outreach, community relationships, articulation, and retention. He also provided leadership in Business Operations for the areas of finance, human resources, facilities, and financial aid.

Preceding his work at National University, Richard led an extensive career as the chief executive at San Diego-based Titan Corporation, where he turned around the operation and sold it to Datron Advanced Technologies-Mobile Electronics Division. In addition, Richard was a chief executive at Radiac, Inc.; Signet Armorlite, Inc.; and Richardson Vicks, Inc. In each of these companies, Richard was able to help the organizations achieve the efficiencies and success they needed to prosper.

Richard’s deep background and proven results in business and academics are major reasons he was selected and approved by the Board of Trustees to serve as CityU’s sixth President.

Richard and his wife are delighted to call the Seattle area their new home, and look forward to getting to know the Pacific Northwest landscape and community.

Published June 3, 2013



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