Sabrina Jones is CityU’s New Director of Military Relations

Sabrina Jones is CityU’s New Director of Military Relations

In our effort to serve those who have served, we recently hired Sabrina Jones to direct military relations at CityU. Sabrina is dedicated to serving Military and Veteran personal, and is passionate about connecting them with more opportunity.

When interviewing Sabrina, here is what she had to say:

City University of Seattle (CU): What is your experience working with the Military and Veteran community? Why do you want to continue serving this population?

Sabrina Jones (SJ): I’ve worked with the military community progressively for over 14 years. When I worked as a career counselor, I regularly worked with transitioning service members, military spouses and Veterans and assisted them with attaining permanent, private sector careers with-in the Pacific Northwest. As my career evolved, I found myself working in military education which was a natural fit for me as I use my career counseling experience to help students identify degree programs that best position them to reach their career goals and aspirations.

Serving this community is important to me because although I have not personally served in the Armed Forces, I feel as though I can serve my country by serving those who have. I show my respect and appreciation for the sacrifices that our military families make every day through the work and volunteering I do to support them during and after their service career.

CU: What makes you excited about serving this community at CityU?

SJ: CityU is a part of the largest non-profit university system in the US – National University System – and offers a robust selection of relevant degree programs at the certificate all the way up to the doctorate level. We have convenient locations, and flexible online options. With the draw-down of our military, it becomes more important for universities like ours to offer the kind of degree programs that give our military community a competitive advantage in today’s job market.

I am excited to serve through CityU because CityU understands the unique needs of our military & Veteran families and has made a commitment to continually invest in new programs, staff, resources and scholarships to support those needs. It is exciting for me to work for a university that values the sacrifices our military families make as much as I do. I couldn’t do what I do without that level of support for the community I serve.

CU: How can people contact or meet you?

SJ: People can reach me by phone at 253-225- 6535, or by email at – whatever method is most convenient for them. I am happy to meet with anyone by request.

Thank you Sabrina for your time! If you’d like to meet Sabrina, join her tomorrow at the Tacoma Rainiers baseball game as she supports our Veterans. Please visit our website to learn more about what CityU is doing around Veteran and Military services.

Published August 30, 2013



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