MBA in Accounting: One student’s journey to becoming a CPA

MBA in Accounting: One student’s journey to becoming a CPA

City University of Seattle’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) with accounting emphasis program has a proven record of preparing students with the tools needed to become a CPA. Emma Tsuber, a CPA at Seattle metro-based accounting firm, Clark Nuber, is one of the preeminent examples that are a testament to the program.

Although Emma did not start her career with a set path in mind, with the support of her family and the research of a university that would fit her needs, Emma found her next step at CityU.

“At the beginning of my career, I moved around a little bit and didn’t know what I wanted to do until after I finished my AA in accounting at Lake Washington Technical College. From there, I transferred to City University of Seattle to get my bachelor’s degree in Accounting.”

After finishing her BA at CityU, Emma didn’t skip a beat and jumped right back into the next step in her education by enrolling at CityU again and working towards her MBA in accounting degree.

“The MBA with Accounting program is providing me with the work/life balance I need at this time. Accounting is something I need to pursue in order to sit for the CPA exam – the balance that CityU has provided me with is giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals while still working a full-time job.”

Although Emma is close to finishing her degree, she has already used the tools that she learned at CityU to interview for and accept an offer from her current employer, Clark Nuber.

“I work with a variety of clients but primarily in the tech and construction sectors. My job involves a lot of project management, working with teams to complete audits, reviews, and compliance work for clients. Throughout my career, I feel like my education has prepared me for multi-tasking and working on various projects simultaneously.”

When asked why she chose CityU over the other universities that have an accounting program, Emma said, “There is a lot of flexibility in the university and within my current program. Accounting is a great career choice because you will have an easy time finding a job and CityU provided me with the tools and opportunity to take the CPA exam.”

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Published August 2, 2019



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