Counselling Alumnus Researches Effect of Trauma on Neurological Development

Nuerobiological Guided PracticesA graduate of CityU Canada’s full-time Master of Counselling Program, Pardeep Atwall, recently published Neurobiological Guided Practices.

This book explores violent trauma, which affects millions of children around the world. Investigators over the last 20 years determined that over 30 percent of children exposed to traumatic events develop serious and chronic neuropsychiatric problems (Terr, 1988). In 2006, it was established by many that treatments of trauma victims; especially treatment other than talk therapy, therapeutic relational and/or affect-based interventions, warranted a closer look (Perry, 2006).

Pardeep Atwall’s study aimed to better understand the impact of childhood trauma on neurodevelopment and explore neurobiologically informed treatment practices related to trauma; and its connection to hyperarousal and dissociative symptoms in youth. A protocol for counselors working with the aforementioned population was created using Perry’s principles of neurodevelopment. The neurobiology of trauma and its connection to the psychopathology in children and adults is of direct importance to researchers and clinicians. To date, very little research has been incorporated into the assessment and treatment protocols, utilized in clinical practice (Fago, 2003). For this reason, Atwall’s study has the potential to be very helpful to the counseling profession.

We are proud to call Ms. Atwall one of our esteemed alumni members and welcome you to read her forward-thinking book. Congratulations on this step forward!

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Published April 16, 2012



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