Mark Ziegler – CityU Graduate and 2013’s Student Speaker

Mark Ziegler, 2013 CityU Graduate
Mark Ziegler, 2013 CityU Graduate

This year we are pleased to hear from one of our esteemed Albright School of Education graduates, Mark Ziegler, who will graduate with his Bachelor of Art’s in Education tomorrow on June 15, 2013.

Mark came to CityU in pursuit of a dream and a second career. Prior to attending CityU, he worked in Christian ministry as a pastor. Over the past 10 years, Mark said he felt a “calling” to be a teacher. After seeing his son run a competitive race alongside a friend in need, Mark decided to act on this calling and fulfill his dream of becoming an educator. His son showed him the need for people to run alongside them and cheer them to the finish line. Mark sees teaching as an act of service and an opportunity to encourage others.

His story is an inspiring one and we look forward to hearing more of it at tomorrow’s commencement. In anticipation of his speech, we asked him a few questions about his time here. Here is what we found out.

Why did you come to CityU?

I came to CityU because I have always had a passion to teach. When the opportunity presented itself for me to return to school, I gladly took it. My goal was to fulfill a degree in Education. City University of Seattle offered not only the classes I needed, but provided the schedule necessary for me to meet this goal. As a second career individual, with a wife and three children, two of which are still at home, I needed a flexible schedule. CityU of Seattle provided both of those necessary components in order for me to finally fulfill that which I believe I have been called to do…teach.

What was your experience like at CityU?

I was able to finish my degree in two years. I would be lying if I said the road has been easy. However, I can say without reservation that it has been extremely fulfilling. I am excited with the possibility of being an Elementary School Teacher in a 4th or 5th grade class next year.  Thus launching a second career that will carry me to the end of my years.

What would be your advice to others like you?

My advice for anyone who would choose to follow this dream would be to never give up.  Work hard, stay focused, and present yourself a caring and compassionate leader. The field of education needs people who are willing to look beyond themselves in order to meet the needs of others. The children who will darken the doors of your heart, desperately need mentors, people who will, as Anita Archer states: “Teach with passion and manage with compassion.”

Many thanks Mark for taking the time to talk with us. We wish you all the best in your career!

Published June 14, 2013



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