An Interview with MAL Graduate- Andrew Gazley

An Interview with MAL Graduate- Andrew Gazley

Interviewed and Edited by Associate Program Director Gregory Price

 Why did you choose CityU of Seattle?

I began my academic journey to earn a graduate degree in 2011. At first, I chose a program from another university because they offered me a full scholarship, but the importance of ethics and earning a high level of academic achievement was not emphasized, so I left the other university after studying there for a year. In 2012, I searched for a quality master’s degree program in Washington State. Among all of the universities which reside within this state, only CityU of Seattle stood out as the one which had a wide variety of graduate degrees.

 Why did you choose to Pursue a MAL Degree?

I chose the Masters of Art in Leadership (MAL)  at CityU of Seattle because I wanted to become a leader capable of dealing with challenges facing business today. I have always been a hard worker and achieved much success among my peers. I have worked hard to set the standard and been there for others at their time of need. I have come to realize that the best way to help others is through leadership. Understanding how to create a passionate, yet realistic vision which can compel others to live a better and fuller life was a concept I wanted to master in order to help guide people into working towards a more sustainable future.

 What was your thesis project?

My thesis, Applying Situational and Transformational Leadership in the Classroom, focused on students graduating from high school and who go on to work in minimum wage jobs. I wrote this thesis with the intention of outlining the struggles the younger generation face, and what we as a society can do about it to produce change. My thesis focused on finding ways to eliminate electives in high school and replace them with career training courses. From my research, I found that the vocational education and training showed how this newer concept of preparing students gave them job skills that pay more than minimum wage. This provided the opportunity for these individuals to become employed within a technical field.

 Looking Ahead

Since I have completed this degree, I fulfilled two main goals. The first was to gain the knowledge and tools to become a leader. My second objective was to honor my family by being the first one to obtain a graduate degree. The qualities and education I have gained at City University are not only on par with the rest of the major universities in Washington State, but the specific requirements to graduate in the MAL program left a lasting impression on the beginning of my professional development. I was published in an educational journal as part of the final capstone project. Below is a hyperlink to the magazine article.  I encourage you to read it.  Although I am still searching for employment, I am confident in the skills I have learned and believe employment will soon be found. This journey in understanding leadership has changed me both personally and professionally, and no matter what path I am on, it will be one where I can create a productive and sustainable future.

Published February 10, 2015



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