M.Ed. Faculty Member Awarded Prestigious Grant

Lumina_horiz_rgbKrissy Jones, Director of Performance-based Learning Programs at City University of Seattle, was recently honored with a Lumina Foundation Grant, which will allow her to become part of a major network  that has its sights set on improving Competency-based programs across multiple university departments.

The Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN) received funding from Lumina for a three year effort to share intelligence and best practices around competency-based education, while also influencing the national conversation about the approach. Some 70 applicants applied for the grant to join the effort, and Krissy was one of 20 chosen to participate in the inaugural cohort that’s being overseen by C-BEN.

“The application was a multi-step process that began with lengthy narratives, a team of designated supporters and a letter of intent from President Carter,” said Krissy. “From there, they conducted phone interviews with institutions of interest and narrowed the recipients down to 20 for the first cohort.”

Krissy will travel to four 2-day cohort training and collaboration sessions, and is extremely excited about what being part of this program means for City University of Seattle.

“The benefits for CityU are enormous. We’ll be part of the first set of leaders to work with competency-based education, and we’ll be provided with support, direction and leadership through the process. Moreover, CityU is now positioned at the forefront of the competency-based education movement,” said Krissy.

The grant provided to Krissy will cover travel to the sessions hosted by C-BEN, and she’ll be bringing learning back that will benefit every part of the University.

CityU wants to congratulate Krissy on this accomplishment, and is looking forward to sharing more on the developments around this program in the future!

Published March 6, 2014



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