Lunch Bites and “Teach & Eat” Episodes at WAL – It’s Nice When the Tables are Turned!

Lunch Bites and “Teach & Eat” Episodes at WAL – It’s Nice When the Tables are Turned!

Photo above: Richa and Darshini entertained staff and students with their Indian recipes.

Debbie headshotby Debbie Chan, WAL Student Activities Coordinator

Over the years, Lunch Bites, hosted by Washington Academy of Languages, has become a welcome tradition at City University of Seattle, and I think we all look forward to each one.

At Lunch Bites, students (and some very supportive staff members) come by for a quick lunch snack a few times a quarter, at no cost to those who attend. Always held in the CityU Library, it’s a time to eat, chat, and hopefully make a new friend or student contact while you’re there, as you gobble down a simple bowl of  Japanese curry rice,  a do-it- yourself (DIY) taco, or a handful of potato chips.

Rawan teaches how to make Almassabeb while Soyeon assists.

For me personally, it’s gratifying to see others enjoy the food we serve, and even better when I see students (and staff) leave with a happy face!   But sometimes, I just need to change things up a bit. Though I personally really enjoy looking through my cookbooks and watching the food channel for ideas, sometimes I just need FRESH IDEAS.

Abdullah serves coffee and tea to other students.
Abdullah serves coffee and tea to other students.

It started because I saw that we had a lot of good student cooks in our midst! So, I thought it would be great if our English students would be willing to show us how to make an easy food item from their home country. WAL would give them the space, the supplies, the ingredients, and the support, for them to “do their magic” as they share their culture through the preparation of food- to the delight of those of us who attend or watch this “live show.”

We have tried this for two sessions or “episodes” already (Indian Street Food, and Saudi Almassabeb, or pancakes), and it’s been amazing and well received! I especially like the part where we can all sit back, watch, and learn something new from our students. I also like the fact that I get to try someone else’s food, rather than my own!

Could this be the next great new “tradition” at WAL? Time will tell, but meanwhile, just stay tuned for Episode 3, coming your way soon!


Published June 5, 2018



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