Lisa: “Goodbye Braxton!”

Lisa: “Goodbye Braxton!”

From Master’s in Teaching candidate Lisa Cabias.

Lisa CabiasSaying farewell to my canine companion recently before I leave to New Zealand was not easy. Braxton and I have been through some times together, and as my friend Brad mentioned, “he looks like he would be an excellent source of heat in times of chilliness.”

I am very fortunate to have a great doggy support network though the Academy Of Canine Behavior. I know he will have a fantastic time doing the things he does at home: snarfing kibble, uncontrolled sniffing of things (special favor goes to anatomy of other dogs), playing ball and being a general goober.

The first thing to do once I have him back will be to drive through a burger place and get him a cheeseburger. This little tradition was started after he won his doggy showing championship. My guy now recognizes any and all drive up windows (banks, ferry tollbooths, espresso stands) as sources of delicious food.  I’ll miss you Buddy!

Published April 18, 2010



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