Leadership in Today’s Environment

Leadership in Today’s Environment

Leader Greg PriceWritten by Gregory Price – Associate Program Director for the Master’s in Leadership at City University of Seattle’s School of Applied Leadership.

The challenges facing business leaders today are complex, from market segmentation, technological advancements, political struggles, social and environmental responsibility, global competition, and an expanding and diverse workforce, to name a few. This environment presents business owners and leaders with complex decisions and leaders find that there are no existing road-maps to possible future paths. Many leaders wonder, how can I address all of these issues concurrently, make the right decisions to move the company forward, and keep people employed? How do I keep abreast of current events today?

Staying informed in today’s fast-paced environment seems easy; people receive the daily news in their chosen media format and the messages seen or heard are usually challenges, struggles, and needs that are NOT being met within society – a lot of negative stuff. So, how is this useful to you?

First, step back and gain a clear sense of the type of information you are receiving… Reflect on it. How important is the news you are getting? Can you use it? What do you gain from it? And most importantly does it lead you to act, to change, or does it give you a sense of belonging?

Look at the bigger picture, not the daily news feeds, but instead the human development, the sacrifices, the risky endeavors, and the adventurers. Then ask yourself deeper, more probing questions and be critical in your reasoning: How did the human race get so far, so quickly? The answer is quite obvious. It got this way from leaders leading people and we have what we have today because most of those leaders have been good leaders doing the best job they could.

Good Leadership brings ideas forward; good leadership asks the difficult questions and changes the status quo, good leadership is what moves the human race forward and good leadership can be learned.

 Business Challenges

Are you a business owner? Maybe you’re an employee, a student, a homemaker, or someone who is in employment transition. Are you expecting these answers to be solved by someone else? Maybe you’re thinking they will be solved by your boss or a politician, or, maybe a peer or your significant other. Think again….

Leaders of all types face challenges and changes everyday: balancing work and home life, balancing your budget, educating your children, finding a job or a career that is fulfilling, and in business, each passing day corporate organizational charts are flattening, top-down control is shifting to bottom-up innovation, and ideas are coming from every corner of the organization suggesting that an entrepreneurial mindset may be necessary to survive. Where does a leader turn?

 Moving Forward

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in your organization, you are a leader. So ask yourself, what can I do to change my situation? How can I develop my leadership skills to improve my life, my company, my family?

The answers are not simple, but they can be learned. People have the capacity to change but sometimes it is hard to focus on change into a path that develops you.  So the challenge here, is how to develop one’s own leadership capability. By recognizing your need to develop the leader within yourself, you begin to harness influential opportunities which lead to developing the leader in you and to see the leadership skills in others…. There is unharnessed talent waiting to be unleashed. Don’t wait for action, be the action and develop the leader within you today!

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Published December 4, 2014



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