Leadership Faculty Attend Conference

Leadership Faculty Attend Conference

– Written by Dr. Pressley Rankin-

International Leadership Association

School of Applied Leadership faculty members, Dr. Arron Grow and Dr. Pressley Rankin represented CityU at the 16th annual conference of the International Leadership Association in San Diego, California, USA over the last weekend in October.  Over 1300 people attended the conference: from business leaders to leadership scholars.

Presentations and Roundtables

Dr. Rankin presented his research on boundary management in a presentation session on Twenty-First Century Leadership Issues.  Both Dr. Rankin and Dr. Grow hosted roundtable discussions, which consisted of four 20-minute conversations with different up to 10 attendees per session. Dr. Grow hosted his roundtable discussions on the topic of When Leaders Don’t Lead and Dr. Rankin presented on Coaching and Mentoring Work/Life Boundary Management Skills.  Dr. Grow also participated in an author’s signature event to converse with others about his two most recent titles, How to Not Suck as a Manager, and Change or Go: How to Stop Non Team Player Behavior at Work.

The event attracted several important thought leaders in the field of leadership including Margaret Wheatley and Peter Northouse.  Annual conferences, such as this, give academic scholars and leadership professionals a chance to learn from one another through networking, interactive presentations, roundtables, and workshops.  In addition to the daily sessions, there are also dinners, boat cruises, working lunches, and other sponsored networking events.  This conference was a great chance to network and build CityU’s reputation in the leadership community.

Next Year

Next year the conference will be in Barcelona, Spain.  Get your submissions ready for that amazing international event.

The Call of Proposals states:

The ILA seeks proposal submissions from the global community that represent the best contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of leadership scholars, practitioners, educators, program directors, coaches, consultants, thought-leaders, students, and other leaders and leadership professionals.

The conference theme, Leading Across Borders and Generations, along with six tracks that focus more broadly on leadership in education, scholarship and research, development and coaching, business, public, and youth will be explored during pre-conference workshops, keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, poster sessions, and nine concurrent sessions. Concurrent sessions utilize diverse formats including experiential workshops, panel discussions, presentations, and research symposiums and paper presentations.

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Published November 25, 2014



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