Leadership Crisis Forum hosted by CityU

Leaders around the world and across industries agree that we are facing a “leadership crisis.”

While leadership is a topic that we all have strong opinions about, the diversity of followers these days and scarcity of leadership talent presents a unique challenge for us all.

On March 25, 2013, business leaders from multiple disciplines and backgrounds gathered in the first “Leadership Crisis” forum sponsored and hosted by City University of Seattle.

City University of Seattle’s president, Lee Gorsuch opened the event highlighting the importance of clarifying the things that matter most and the importance of using feedback from others to sharpen our focus. This event provided an opportunity to discuss both.


The leaders who participated in this event (from left to right) were:

It is clear to see the diversity in experience that came together for this discussion and although that was the case, there were clear shared leadership ideals and similar leadership struggles.
As leaders, most of us struggle, to some degree, with how to:

With these challenges in mind, one of the key goals for our “Leadership Crisis” forum was to identify the experiences needed to develop our leaders (who are willing and able) and equip them with the competencies necessary to address these challenges.

Much of the discussion centered on three basic questions: What advice do you have? What lessons have you learned? What will it take for a leader to transition from one leadership stage to the next? The answers to these questions, however, were anything but basic.

Plans are already in the works for the next “Leadership Crisis” event. If you are a leader or know of someone interested in joining this discussion, please contact Kelly Flores at kflores@cityu.edu.

Published April 4, 2013



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