Leaders must Nurture their Spirit

Leaders must Nurture their Spirit

-Written by Dr. Rebecca Cory-

Part of being a leader is following your heart and participating in activities that nurture your spirit and make you happy.  Dr. Arron Grow, Associate Program Director in the School of Applied Leadership, has a side to him not often seen by students, a side that nurtures his passion.  This past week he performed as Max in a local production of the Sound of Music.  The character of Max, one who provides constant comic relief for the show, was a perfect match for Dr. Grow whose peers know he can be goofy at times.

Dr. Grow gave an inspired performance that added energy to the show and got the largest laughs.  He danced a silly dance and joked with the Von Trapp children.  The show included delightful costumes, including the “play clothes” made from curtains, and an interesting, effective, yet simple set that evoked the Convent, the Captain’s House and the Mountains all with minimal changes.

The best part of the musical was, by far, seeing a colleague and friend in a different role.  Dr. Grow is a talented professor, and now I get to see that he is a talented actor and singer as well. His performance serves as a reminder that we should all find the time to do things that make us happy on top of our work and family responsibilities (which may also make us happy). Dr. Grow’s passion for the stage was evident and brought joy to the role.

Since this is a School of Applied Leadership, what can we learn about leadership from this experience? Dr. Grow is living his passion through his community theater participation. This lets him work with new people and experience new things. It also feeds his spirit. As leaders we need to remember to get out of the day to day “responsibilities’ and feed our spirits, whether it be through theater, like Dr. Grow, or something else. Even with his busy life, Dr. Grow has made time to follow his bliss.  What can you be doing to feed yours?

Dr. Rebecca Cory is an associate professor and Associate Program Director for the Higher Education and Adult Learning programs at CityU’s School of Applied Leadership.

Dr. Grow as Max

Dr. Grow Closing Night

Published August 11, 2014



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