Language Buttons, if you please!

Language Buttons, if you please!

It’s pronounced [pɪn] not [pɛn], although depending on where you are from, it may be the same thing. Is windy and Wendy the same for you? Luckily, we can just call it a button! Washington Academy of Languages instructors have been using these buttons on their field trips around the community. Field trips generally involve going somewhere the students have the opportunity to practice the language they are learning. For example, we had a level 1 Korean class that went to Uwajimaya grocery store with their instructor Woojoo Kim. The students wore the buttons on their trip to encourage interaction in Korean. Russian instructor, Adam McGarity, also used the buttons on a trip to a restaurant, where the students interacted in Russian with a Moldovan waiter. This is another example of our instructors using innovative ways to practice language! Current WAL students may request a button by emailing . Here are all the buttons we have:

Language buttons

Published December 20, 2016



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