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Moni Carlisle’s academic and career choices have allowed her to combine her love of teaching language with content focused curriculum design. Teaching in both the Washington Academy of Languages ELP Program and the assisted MBA program (focused on the Sustainability courses), Moni stays busy serving as a lecturer for City University’s Science courses from Biodiversity and Conservation to Sustainable Resource Use. Recently, under the direction of WAL Director, Christine Knorr, Moni has been assisting in furthering the development of City University’s TESOL program. We sat down with Moni to find out more about her projects.

Why did you decide to get your TESOL Certificate?

Having a TESOL Graduate Certificate has enabled me to rely on my skills as an educator to secure employment in virtually any country of the world. Though an academic researcher at heart, teaching is my passion and a viable skill that is recognized anywhere along with my TESOL certification. When I was younger, I knew my career interests were multi-layered from Environmental Sustainability to Education and Community Development. As a content-focused TESOL practitioner, many of my interests have enhanced my classroom teaching experiences for both myself and my students. Being a certified TESOL instructor ensured that I had the proper foundational and mechanical knowledge to effectively transfer my knowledge to the classroom. Knowledge transfer (or teaching) is not as easy as one would think without proper training!

What is your favorite part about teaching English?

Students. Daily, my life is full of diversity and inclusion and I have learned so much from my students. Having a TESOL certificate is like a passport into an International Community wherever you live and I thrive in such communities.

What are you working on with the TESOL program?

Presently WAL Director, Christine Knorr and I are busily “refreshing” our TESOL online courses to ensure interaction and that our objectives are aligned with the international TESOL standards of delivery and assessment. In addition, we are working at strengthening our delivery in partnership with City University’s MEdAE program (Master of Education in Adult Education Program) under the direction of Pressley Rankin. Furthermore, we have instigated our first Summer Intensive TESOL Certificate Program which will run in Summer 2017, in order to meet the needs of a community of students outside of City University’s degree programs who are interested in advanced certification in order to pursue work opportunities with TESOL both here and abroad. (Go to…link to Intensive on website). I also teach a TESOL course, at present, online.

Why would students be interested in this program?

TESOL Certification enables students to be prepared for opportunity. I often ask students— “will you be ready when opportunity knocks? City University’s Graduate TESOL Certificate ensures that students are ready to teach. It provides the knowledge and the skills via classroom learning, internship options and course observations to instill confidence to ensure students are ready to teach!

How can students get the most out of the TESOL Summer Intensive?

The 2017 TESOL Summer Intensive will enable students to gain their certification in a short time period to explore potential career options both home and abroad. It is a great introduction to the world of TESOL and allows for the credits earned to apply to a Master’s Program with City University in their future (if desired). The summer intensive will open doors both to knowledge—it is intense—as well as to careers. Students will need to ensure that they can commit to the 5-weeks with limited distractions and be open to learning.

What’s next for students after receiving the TESOL certificate?

A Graduate TESOL certificate is a passport into an international community. Some students simply want a chance to see if this is the right fit for them and our City University TESOL Certificate is an affordable option to explore career paths as well as career changes. We offer mentorship, resources and guidance to assist students as they explore their future options. Whether using the credits earned from TESOL to gain a Master’s in Adult Education with City University or pursuing a work experience internship in Mexico (links to website) our Graduate Certificate in TESOL is recognition that our graduates are ready for whatever opportunity awaits them.

Published December 20, 2016



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