International Student Spotlight

International Student Spotlight

Congratulations, Cynthia Mancilla!

Congratulations to Cynthia Mancilla! Cynthia is one of our international students from Mexico. She graduated this summer with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. CityU strives to provide our international students with an opportunity to earn U.S. degrees in America and to provide them with an accessible and high-quality education. We are proud to serve over 500 international students at our Seattle campus every year.

“I’m thankful to CityU for giving me the opportunity to study here and giving me more chances to work in the future,” Cynthia said. “The teachers were excellent tutors; during my whole career, they helped me out in any circumstance.”

Whether they want to study in or outside of the U.S., CityU students are part of an international community with students from over 40 countries and alumni who hold executive positions around the globe.

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Published September 30, 2021



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