International Conference on Leadership in Education

International Conference on Leadership in Education

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City University of Seattle hosted the second annual International Conference on Leadership in Education on March 29th, which was attended by over 50 educators. The conference hosted 21 presentations over the course of the day. Speakers presented work that addressed various perspectives on leadership and development, both in industry and in higher education.

The conference was developed and planned by Dean Dr. Kurt Kirstein, with a focus on bringing in speakers from a variety of different backgrounds and locations. Dr. Kelly Flores, the Director of the Division of Doctoral Studies, and CityU staff Molly Lyman and Cindy Singleton also played a large part in organizing the conference. Al Ybarra from the Learning Resource Center played a key role in making the conference truly international by enabling the technology to allow us to include presentations broadcast from Canada and Europe.

“The event was a wonderful opportunity for educators to come together and share research and insight around the best practices in leadership development and implementation,” said Dr. Kirstein. “It was a great success, and I can’t say enough positive things about my colleagues who presented, or those who helped me put it together.”

Select presentations will be available to watch on CityU’s YouTube page in the coming weeks.

Here’s a full list of those who presented at the conference:

Published April 17, 2014



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