Inaugural Executive Leadership Program Successfully Completed


The concluding module of CityU Canada’s School for Professional Studies and Research Executive Leadership: Developing Sustainable Non-profit Organizations in the 21 Century certificate program took place on Thursday, June 13. The six interconnected modules comprising this exciting program included:

  1. Urban Development, Sustainability and Government Relations with Mike Harcourt
  2. Leading with Integritywith Michael Clague
  3. Fund Development and Building Strong Corporate/Non Profit Relationships with Gerry Zipursky
  4. Strategic Planning and Financial Management with Donna Bridgeman
  5. Corporate Relations and Social Enterprise with Ken McFarlane
  6. Professional Development and Succession Planning with Dave Jackson

Feedback from both the faculty and participants was excellent. Over the course of the program a community of practice began to form and many participants have expressed an interest in staying in touch and continuing to learn together. We anticipate offering this highly focused and interactive program again in the fall. Spin offs include a certificate program in Board Governance and small group consultations with faculty. Our thanks to Social Venture Partners Vancouver for their support and participation.

Published June 18, 2013



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