In the classroom with Miss Kate (cake)

In the classroom with Miss Kate (cake)
photo of cake
My students think my name sounds like the word cake. Could be worse. 🙂

From Master’s in Teaching candidate Kate Peterson.

Salutations from Padova! I’ve been at the school for a couple weeks now and I’m finally starting to feel like a real teacher instead of a nervous and confused visitor. The children are very bright and well behaved, and although I am teaching year one, the material seems appropriate for a third grade class. The English International School of Padua ( uses a UK curriculum so I am adjusting to a few differences.

Most of the students are Italian but some have come from other countries, including Belgium, France, Russia, England and the U.S. The instruction is in English all day with the exception of an Italian grammar lesson twice a week. The other teachers are from England, Ireland and Scotland.

On my first day, the host teacher Lucia introduced me to the children.

“This is Miss Kate. She will be in our class teaching you for all of term three,” Lucia explained.

And a tiny, little boy, looking confused, said in his tiny little voice with his tiny British accent, “But but but Miss Lucia, where is the cake?” So they are still mastering English but trying very hard!

When reviewing a list of homophones with the students, I couldn’t stop stuttering and giggling. I never thought of “saw” and “sore” as having the same pronunciation but that’s what I was told to teach. Apparently I’ll be returning home with a British accent.

This week my class will perform The Little Red Hen at the assembly. They have been working hard to memorize their lines and couldn’t be cuter. Hopefully, I can get some video footage!

Published April 17, 2010



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