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In Demand Leadership Skills for 2024

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The start of a new year can be an impetus for change and personal growth. As we progress through the beginning of the year, we’re looking at the forecast for the most in-demand leadership skills of 2024 and which degrees or certificates can help you achieve them.

Depending on the career you want and your personal goals, the skills you need may differ, but these are the top skills that forecasters predict employers will be looking for in 2024.

2024 In Demand Leadership Skills

You probably heard these buzzwords throughout 2023, especially given the excitement surrounding ChatGPT and its emerging competitors. As you’ve probably predicted, AI is not going anywhere. The advancements around AI represent some of the biggest industry disruptions we’ve seen in years. Many doomsayers fear that AI will take over jobs and lead to a wide dispersion of misinformation. This growing concern along with the competition among the biggest tech companies to become a leader in AI is boosting demand for individuals with AI-related skills and experience.

Given that AI-related careers are still relatively new, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics does not yet have a job forecast specifically for AI. However, computer science and information technology employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations from 2022-2032, with about 377,500 openings per year on average (BLS).

Projected Growth: 11.4% from 2022-2032

Median Annual Wage: $100,530 in 2022

Recommended Degrees/Certificates:

Strong leaders will always be in demand; this is especially true given the current economic uncertainty and the rise of AI. Strong leadership is not only about managing people and projects, but it also encompasses the human element of being able to inspire and guide teams and to foster collaboration. Artificial intelligence may be able to automate simple tasks, but human leaders are needed for their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Leaders need to be able to manage agile work environments, overcome a variety of challenges, and demonstrate effective decision-making skills. They will be required to guide their teams through the quickly changing technologies of today’s business world.

On average, employment in management positions is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032, with about 1.1 million openings projected per year (BLS).

Projected Growth: 5.64%

Median Annual Wage: $107,360 in 2022

Recommended Degrees / Certificates:

With increased reliance on technology and big data comes an increased risk of cyber threats. This has led to a surge in demand for individuals with cybersecurity skills. Cybersecurity is essential for protecting personal and corporate data. Individuals with cybersecurity skills can work in almost any industry because almost every company has some degree of data collection and storage. Being able to assess potential threats and to avoid them is essential in order for a company to be competitive, which makes these skills so important to employers.

On average, employment in cybersecurity positions is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2022 to 2032, with about 168,900 openings projected per year (BLS).

Projected Growth: 32%

Median Annual Wage: $112,000 in 2022

Recommended Degrees / Certificates:

While there is definitely an ongoing need for more doctors and nurses, the healthcare industry also has a high demand for medical and health services managers who can plan, direct, and coordinate the business activities of healthcare providers. Healthcare managers are responsible for developing and carrying out policies, goals, and procedures to ensure that medical and health services practices run efficiently and are in compliance with state and federal guidelines. They often work directly with medical and healthcare personnel, patients, and insurance agents. Depending on the specifications of their role, they might also work with budgeting and managing finances, supervising staff, and managing/organizing data.

On average, employment for medical and health services managers is expected to grow at a much higher than average pace from 2022 – 2032, with about 509,500 openings per year (BLS).

Projected Growth: 28%

Median Annual Wage: $104,830 in 2022

Recommended Degrees / Certificates:

Data exists in all industries and the amount of data that is used and collected is only increasing, as are the potential uses for that data. With this ever-growing opportunity comes an increased demand for data scientists and analysts. Data scientists use analytical tools and techniques to extract meaningful insights from data. People can work with data in many different stages: from gathering and collecting data to developing algorithms for predictive modeling. Many also need to use data visualization tools to present findings to others in an easily digestible way. Data scientists can work across industries or gain expertise in one field. Many also have strong knowledge of coding, which allows them to build machine learning algorithms and work more directly with artificial intelligence.

On average, employment for data scientists/analysts is growing at a much faster than average rate for all occupations from 2022 to 2032, with about 168,900 openings projected per year (BLS).

Projected Growth: 35%

Median Annual Wage: $103,500 in 2022

Recommended Degrees / Certificates:

Regardless of the industry in which you currently work or would like to work in, many of these skills are very transferable across industries. If any of these skills strike your interest, we recommend reaching out to a CityU Enrollment Advisor. They can work with you to determine which program works best for your career goals and your current schedule to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

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*Skills listed are a combination of the sources listed above based on trends, projected growth, and median wages of potential careers that require those skills. Skills are not listed in any particular order.

Published February 9, 2024