Improbable vs. Impossible: A Packing Adventure!

Improbable vs. Impossible: A Packing Adventure!
fence made from surfboards
How do I pack one of these things?

From Master’s in Teaching candidate Lisa Cabias.

After nearly a month of navigating the Quantas airline Web site, searching international freight charges and brainstorming creative ways to make my life fit in a suitcase, I have made some discoveries:

1. Travel with an eight-foot surfboard is improbable before arrival in Auckland. This improbability arises mainly from the limitations of surfboard mobility on land. One cannot simply hail a cab or hop on a bus. Navigating a large airport crowd on foot, armed with eight-foot projectile becomes, well, dicey. Creative solutions were in place until my phone call to the airline. From Auckland to Napier where I will stay, travel with an eight-foot board is impossible. It simply does not fit on the plane for this leg of the journey. How sad. Luckily New Zealand appears to have surfboards and the experience of shopping has never upset me too terribly!

2. Luggage overweight limitations are a beast. I have one very large suitcase. One. This suitcase is supposed to weigh no more than 50 pounds. I have begun to relate the weight limitation to running from a burning house and trying to quickly think of what to save before leaping from the window! Folks who have never been to far-fetched regions may not relate but rumor (or rumour in NZ speak) has it that certain things are very expensive in New Zealand. Things like children’s picture books published in the United States (according to my local bookstore). Prioritizing has become a concern. Will a hairdryer purchase bankrupt me? Just how much does that pair of hiking boots weigh? Will I be able to meet the weight restriction? Improbable.

3. One packing problem has been entirely solved. Here is a short equation/explanation: weight and volume of down pillow and down comforter > weight and volume of a bottle of Ambien. Sleeping in an uncomfortable airline seat on a 14-hour flight just became easier!

More later!

Published April 1, 2010



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