How to Choose Between Computer and Information Systems Degrees


Computer and information systems careers are on the rise, that much is obvious. But for an aspiring computer tech, there are a plethora of options in the field, both in terms of specializations as well as education level. Degree or certification, bachelor’s or master’s, engineering or programming, management or security… the possibilities are endless!

Degree or Certificate?

When debating the merits of a degree – whether bachelor’s or master’s – versus that of a certificate, the choice is a personal one. From current professional level to what you aspire to reach, as well as your own financial situation and time availability, the options are varied and reflect possibilities that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

If you’re an IT professional with a degree looking to bolster your experience in a specific area, a certificate is the way to go. If you’re already in the computer and information technology field but feel constrained by your current qualifications and aspire to reach the next level, seeking out a higher degree such as a master’s is probably more up your alley. If you’re looking to break into the field altogether, a bachelor’s degree or certification could be the right avenue, depending on how far and wide your future goals may take you. A bachelor’s degree will open up more possibilities, but a certificate may get you into the field (gaining valuable experience) more quickly.

So which of the many offered City University of Seattle computer and information systems majors is right for you?

Areas of Study

When it comes to degrees of study, the possibilities broaden. Some are more specialized than others, so let’s look at a breakdown of what the different areas of study can offer you.

If you’re looking to get a broader overview of the field and want the opportunity to branch into a wide range of areas, a degree in information technology or information systems is the way to go. From there, you could propel yourself into systems design, focus on business analysis, dive into programming, become a database expert… you get the idea! Want to be a generalist with a capacity for making career shifts? Stick to information technology or information systems degrees.

Do you have an affinity for business but want to take your talents to the IT field specifically? Consider an MBA with an emphasis in technology management. You’ll be poised to pair your business acumen with the latest in IT knowledge to accelerate your career as a chief technology officer.

If database management and development intrigues you, a degree that focuses on applied computing is the way to go. At CityU, this degree offers more relevant experience than your typical tech degree, with hands-on lab experience and a faculty that have worked in the field for decades.

The front line of this industry is its security. So if the thought of manning that front line appeals to you, seek out a program focused on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a multi-disciplinary field with outstanding and potentially limitless career potential. Professionals in cybersecurity work to protect our digital lives and information while guarding our personal privacy. They employ technology, social science and management skills to prevent, investigate and defend against cyber-attacks and crimes.

Whatever field and degree level you aspire to, you’re in good company; computer science is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand fields today. Discover what a computer and information systems degree from CityU can do for you!

Published June 14, 2016



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