CityU Uniquely Addresses the Impact and Use of Social Media

CityU Uniquely Addresses the Impact and Use of Social Media

The advent of social media tools is rapidly changing the corporate communications landscape. Communications professionals need to remain current with the latest trends in order to be employable in today’s competitive job market; without staying current, one could end up underemployed or passed over for a promotion.

To meet these new workplace demands, City University of Seattle offers a Bachelor of Science in Communications–Social Media Emphasis and a Certificate in Communications-Social Media for working professionals. This program ensures that prospective students will have the right blend of traditional and technological skills and the knowledge to implement successful communications strategies.

“In today’s world, any career in communications — journalism, public relations, or internal corporate communications — requires some use of social media,” said Dr. Stephanie J. Brommer, CityU’s Communications Program Director and Course Manager.

“The undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in traditional communications courses that remain highly relevant. These include courses like Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Critical Thinking in Communications, and Organizational Communication,” explained Dr. Brommer.

“Beyond courses that address these traditional communication concepts, the CityU program also offers a slew of courses in how to integrate communications strategies by using current internet-based technologies. These courses include Contemporary Social Media Tools and Applications and Integrating Social Media Marketing, and they are also built into the Communications-Social Media certificate,” she added.

In addition to this highly selective blend of practical course offerings in the field of Communications, CityU also features communications faculty members who not only have academic qualifications but also have professional workplace experience appropriate for the courses they teach. That said, much of the associate faculty in this program work in PR and marketing, which means they bring relevant work experience and knowledge to the classroom.

So, how will YOU (the student) benefit? Our instructors are able to share real-world communications knowledge and skills that are being used in today’s workplace. The goal is that each student could apply what they are learning today in their work tomorrow.

“We incorporated practical skills and applications into our program’s design. Because instructors do the job of a communicator each day, they know what skills are needed in the field and integrate them into their courses, said Dr. Brommer.

Sergeant Kelly Busey
Sergeant Kelly Busey

The story of Sergeant Kelly Busey of the Gig Harbor Police Department helps to illustrate the practical benefits of CityU’s Communications degree with a Social Media emphasis.

As a recent CityU candidate for the Bachelor of Science in Communications, Sergeant Busey completed many of the traditional communications courses after completing CityU’s core requirements.

“At first, I stayed away from the social media courses because I was skeptical of the new technologies’ benefits. I thought social media was a way to waste time,” he admitted.

However, Sergeant Busey changed his mind after taking the course Contemporary Social Media Tools and Applications.

This course taught him about social media’s practical utility. Sergeant Busey soon had his “eureka” moment and began to gain some new insights into how he could exploit this new generation of internet-based tools to help him in his job as the Gig Harbor Police Department’s Public Information Officer (PIO).

In fact, while working under the supervision of Dr. Brommer, he decided to use his practicum project to implement several social media outreach tools as new components to his police department’s overall communications strategy.

For example, Sergeant Busey created the Gig Harbor Police Department’s Facebook page, on which investigating officers often upload video of suspects engaged in alleged criminal activity. The Department uses the page to ask for the public’s help in identifying these wanted suspects.

In addition to implementing the department’s Facebook page, Sergeant Busey also launched the department’s Twitter feeds to assist in its public safety mission.

The Gig Harbor Police Department is now on Twitter, tweeting alerts regarding traffic delays, road closings, and bear sightings, as well as answering the public’s questions about parking rules, explained Sergeant Busey.

When asked whether he would recommend CityU’s program in Communications—Social Media, Sergeant Busey gave an emphatic yes!

“CityU is a for-real academic institution. It doesn’t just take your money. It has real academic integrity. And the faculty members are always professional and always accessible to the students. They answer questions fully and promptly,” said Busey.

To learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Communications–Social Media Emphasis or Strategic Communications Emphasis programs or the Certificate in Communications-Social Media, please click here.

Published August 29, 2012



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