Hello, Napier.

Hello, Napier.

From Master’s in Teaching candidate Lisa Cabias.

landscape at sunset
The view from my new bedroom!

After three flights, two 4-hour layovers and very little sleep I arrived in Napier, New Zealand right on schedule! I was greeted in the small airport by my host Judie and my placement supervisor Leigh.

What a sunny place! I know that, south of the equator, we are on the brink of winter in this region but one would never guess it at the moment! I have been warned by my glorious roommate and a former resident of New Zealand: “You will need sunglasses. Wear sunscreen. Always have a hat.” Transworld Surf Magazine says of this region: “The sun will melt your skin off.” How quaint. The temptation to avoid these warnings and become a hair-bleached bronze (and later in life wrinkly and cancer ridden) surf goddess is strong. This is made worse by the knowledge that the sunscreen that I have packed is the type used by overly protective mothers on the skin of their newborn children. This stuff squeezes out of the tube in a log not a glob and turns the skin white no matter how well it is rubbed in. I bought a value pack of it at a raging clearance price of $2.83. It seemed like a great idea at the time!  In the long run this is a steal next to the cosmetic surgery I would need later in life if I avoided using the stuff.

landscape during the day
Another gorgeous view!

So far, my exploration of Napier has included a sunny, five mile-ish walk to the West Quay where I located the climbing gym, ATM and, yes, bars. This morning, after being awoken by a beautiful sunrise, my run took me in the opposite direction along the beach. A drive downtown with Judie this afternoon took me though the Marine Parade and some of Napier’s lovely art deco Central Business District. I peeked in the windows of Onekawa School where I will be teaching and found that my classroom is one of two in the school endowed with a smartboard. SA-WEEET!!

Tomorrow will be my first day in the classroom!

Published April 18, 2010



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