Growing Your Project Management Career in a Growing City


If you’re considering a career shift, you’ve probably spent some time mulling over job possibilities that aren’t just interesting and relevant to your skill set, but that also have a strong potential for growth. If you’re also a fan of the growing city of Seattle and want to move here or continue living here long term, you’ve probably done some research into what fields are booming locally.

One such field is project management, particularly in IT and business. Project management as a career discipline has taken off in recent years, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting substantial and steady growth for professionals in this field. Seattle seems notably poised to take advantage of this boom as shown by a simple online search that yields hundreds of results for project manager jobs in Seattle and the surrounding area.

What is project management?

Project management involves overseeing projects to ensure they move along according to plan. However, it is so much more than that. Project managers are responsible for setting achievable goals and implementing strategies that make achieving those goals possible. They’re especially talented at bringing individuals and tasks from a variety of departments together to achieve a common goal. Part goal setter, part taskmaster and part team motivator, project managers keep team members and tasks moving smoothly and cohesively.

The growth of project management

The outlook for project managers is extremely bright, especially in tech, IT and business-related fields. The economy is experiencing a period of growth that is projected to continue into the future, so the demand for project managers is higher than ever. Since Seattle is also in the middle of a tech boom, it makes sense that growing companies would have a need for talented folks to keep projects on track.

What you’ll learn at CityU

A wide range of industries utilize talented project managers to handle an array of efforts, from launching new products to making vast overhauls of existing programs. That’s why the CityU project management program provides training in business fundamentals, leadership, team development and more. These are skills that will translate across all industries and disciplines, enabling you to make a shift to a new opportunity inside or outside of your existing company if the opportunity presents itself.

Our programs are perfect for individuals interested in roles like project lead, project coordinator and business analyst. Whether a quick and efficient undergraduate or graduate certificate fits your needs best, or you’re interested in a bachelor’s or master’s degree with an emphasis in project management, we have the right program for you. City University of Seattle offers the only project management master’s degree in the Northwest that is globally accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and available fully online. Get in on one of the most promising career opportunities in town. Learn about CityU’s project management program today.

Published August 3, 2016



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