Greetings from TESOL!

Greetings from TESOL!

It’s almost spring, and there is a lot happening with our program. We are gearing up for our on-campus Summer Intensive series, which starts in July. We look forward to moving from the virtual to the traditional classroom for a very intensive five-week session, and we expect to have both local and international students joining us.

Susan Hussey Headshot
Susan Hussey, TESOL Senior Faculty

For those of you who are wondering, TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Our graduate certificate programs prepare students to teach English as a second language here in the United States as well as abroad. Many of our graduates already work in the field of education and, in fact, are also enrolled in the City University of Seattle Master of Education in Adult Learning with a TESOL emphasis. Our students come from far and wide and live everywhere from Seattle to Saipan.

As most of our students are enrolled in our online courses, I would like to share a bit about these programs. Each course is designed to be both rigorous and flexible. Our students lead very busy lives and many are already working in their chosen field. Some are looking to expand their education or even change careers. The graduate TESOL certificate programs offer students an opportunity to move into a new field or experience professional growth in their existing profession. Once enrolled, students actively participate in online discussions and complete projects that bridge theory and practice. Our experienced faculty is adept at communicating with our students online and delivering an engaging experience.

As the TESOL programs’ Course Manager, I have recently been exploring and learning about new technologies that can enhance our program as well as engage our students in more direct ways, bridging the gaps between the virtual and the traditional classroom. As more and more educational programs move to an online environment, terms such as synchronous and asynchronous learning are becoming part of the standard educational jargon. Many new technologies such as Tegrity, Voice Thread, and Google Hangouts are being integrated into CityU’s Blackboard, a Learning Management System. The more comfortable we become with developing these technologies, the more comfortable our students will become with using them. Edu App Center is a great resource if you would like to learn more about educational technology platforms.

We invite you to check out our programs, as well as explore some of the technologies out there which may be of interest to you both personally and professionally.
To learn more about our TESOL programs, please see here.
To learn more about educational technology platforms please see here.

Susan Hussey
Sr. TESOL Faculty & Course Manager
Washington Academy of Languages at City University

Published March 23, 2015



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