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Graduation Throwback: Greaa B.

Graduation Throwback: Greaa B.

Graduation Throwback! Congratulations, Greaa Bribiesca!

We may be in the middle of a cold winter quarter, but we still remember our 46th Commencement Ceremony that took place in person at T-Mobile Park last summer! Congratulations to Greaa Bribiesca on completing your BS in Business Administration!


Hi, my name is Greaa. I am a graduated student from 2021 from City University of Seattle. We’re at T-Mobile Park and I am so happy because I am getting my degree in Bachelor of Science Business Administration. And I think that it’s been a great experience. It’s been three years of studying and it’s been so hard because we had to change our ways of studying with the online program. We mostly had in-person classes with incredible teachers that we got to meet.

It was an amazing journey. My parents helped me a lot in everything: helping me with my homework, helping me get the experience of an international program. I got to go to Prague and it was amazing. I have never traveled that far before. And I got to meet a lot of amazing people and a lot of amazing teachers. I do totally recommend this experience. It has been so great and you should totally live it!

*Transcript has been edited for clarity

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Published February 2, 2022