Graduation Throwback: Caroline K.

Graduation Throwback: Caroline K.

Graduation Throwback!

As we come to the end of Fall Quarter, we’re still dreaming about summer and graduation. Congratulations, Caroline, on completing your MBA! And thank you for joining us this past summer as we celebrated our 46th Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021.


Hi, my name is Caroline Kimani. I’m born and raised from Kenya, East of Africa. I’ve been at CityU for the past three years and I’m graduating with my MBA in Global Management. I’m so glad that my family is here: my mom, my dad, my cousins, my husband, and later my uncles. They are coming from Kenya to celebrate me.

I’ve been at CityU for three years and I love the engagement I’ve had with my professors. And I think they’re very professional and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from them. And I also won the MBA Case Competition in 2019, which was really helpful. We had a lot of research. And I love all my professors, but I love Sophia. She was really helpful when I needed help in the school. And I’m so glad to be a CityU Alumni!
*Transcript has been edited for clarity

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Published December 21, 2021


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