Gifts for Grads: The Best Ideas for Every Major


College graduation is an incredible accomplishment that necessitates celebration, merriment, and, of course, presents. Picking out gifts for grads is no easy task, though. The best gifts for graduates are thoughtful ones that reflect the interests of the recipient. This list of gift ideas for every major provides the perfect jumping off point for selecting the best gift for the grad in your life. See you on Saturday, June 18 at our commencement ceremony!

Gifts for Computer and Information Science Majors

These students have embraced their love for computers and technology so the best gifts for these graduates should celebrate their love of tech. For example, these stylish cufflinks also serve as 8GB USB flash drives. These handsome accessories are definitely a tech lover’s dream.

Or maybe you want to get this grad something they can use every day. High-end computer peripherals, such as an ergonomically-correct keyboard and mouse, are definitely thoughtful and useful gifts for a computer and information science major.

Gifts for Business & Management Majors

Entry-level employees in the business world work hard and play hard. That’s why every graduating business & management major would certainly enjoy a good at-home coffee setup and bar set. Or maybe you want to get them something they’ll be thankful for during the job search like well-designed, professional business cards to hand out at networking events and job interviews. Plus, these graduating students are connected at all times so cell phone and tablet accessories always make for excellent gifts.

Gifts for Teaching & Education Majors

Being a teacher requires a level of compassion and dedication that not all people possess. Teachers are an asset to their schools, communities, and the students they work with every day. For teaching & education majors, make their long hours at school easier with graduation gifts they can use on the job.

For instance, a personalized insulated lunch tote is a great gift that encourages graduates to eat healthier and stick to their post-college budget. Or maybe these personalized grading stamps are better suited for the teaching & education major in your life. If you’re a bit crafty, you can put together a school supply bouquet to give to the teaching & education major you know who is graduating this spring.

Gifts for Project Management Majors

As project management majors will soon find after they’ve started their first job following graduation, the name of the game is time management and planning. Gifts for graduates from this program should help them achieve success in their chosen field. Even though every smartphone has a clock on it, a custom watch is a beautiful gift that a project manager will put to excellent use every day.

Or maybe a desk calendar would be more helpful for planning purposes to give to that project management graduate you know. Another great idea might include a wireless weather forecast station to help plan for anything that might come their way as this graduate embarks on their new career.

Gifts for Professional Leadership Majors

Good leaders are few and far between but graduates from our professional leadership programs have both the education and skill set required to lead the way in any professional setting. Leaders have to sign off on projects, which is why an elegant fountain pen set makes for a fantastic graduation gift. It’s also always important for leaders to learn from others to improve their management methods, so

It’s also always important for leaders to learn from others to improve their management methods, so any one of these books would make for a wonderful graduation present. A lot of the time, company leaders are required to travel for work, so purchasing them a high-quality travel pillow can really go a long way to making that aspect of the job much easier.

Gifts for Health and Human Services Majors

Let’s face it. Students graduating from our health and human services program are going to face a lot of icky situations throughout their career. That’s why funny gifts, such as a bandage necktie or plush microbes, are great to give to these graduates. Or maybe the graduating health and human service major you know has already started a job where s/he works crazy hours (which is common in these industries) so giving them a quality white noise machine would help with those precious hours of sleep.

These are just a few of the ideas for getting your favorite graduate a gift in the coming weeks. But no need to specifically choose from this list. Look outside the box and find that perfect gift for your perfect grad! If you have questions about commencement, contact CityU of Seattle today for more information.

Published June 3, 2016



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