From Vietnam to CityU: A Journey to an MBA

From Vietnam to CityU: A Journey to an MBA

CityU Student Spotlight: Nhi Dang

Meet Nhi Dang! Nhi is a CityU MBA student. Nhi is one of CityU’s international students from Vietnam. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in International Economics, she decided to come to America to further her education. She chose CityU after hearing about the university from a friend who was already studying here. Studying at CityU gave Nhi the opportunity to learn more about the field of business and to focus her studies on her interest in Project Management. “CityU offers students a stronger professional networking and job opportunities and the CityU MBA program can help with a career path,” Nhi said. She hopes that her degree will help her develop the skills she needs to become a Project Manager.

Nhi is also an active member of Enactus, CityU’s student club that promotes sustainability through entrepreneurship. Participating in the club allowed her to meet other professionals and students with different backgrounds and from different industries.

Watch the video below to listen to Nhi’s story.


Hi everyone! My name is Nhi Dang and I’m a CityU student and currently in my second year of my MBA program with an emphasis in technology management and project management. I am going to graduate next quarter.

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a graduate degree that focuses on learning business principles and building leadership skills and fostering innovation, diversity, inclusion, and ethics. Also, the MBA offers me a stronger professional networking, access to try opportunities, and accelerate my career path.

CityU has various professors from different backgrounds that have years of experience in different fields. But one of the most impressive professors for me is Dr. Larry Frazier. He always facilitates such a positive learning environment. He has always been caring, creative, passionate about teaching, and how to communicate ideas and unique life lessons with students. So I really enjoy his classes and I’m actually excited to come to his class every day, so I’m really thankful for having such a passionate professor at CityU.

One of the most favorite classes at CityU was MBA 545, which is People and Systems Organizations. And I took that class with Dr. Larry Frazier. So basically, the class covered the impact of organizational culture and structure, part is the diversity team, leadership style in decision making, and achieving organizational goals. One of the most valuable lessons that I learned from the class is the three pillars in any organization: people, process, and systems. So, whenever we make any decisions, we have to consider any ramifications for each pillar from any choice and we learn and grow as a team and we hold each other accountable. So, I think we have to make sure that we have the right people in place, the right process in place, and pick the right systems that deliver information and functionality that we need.

*Transcript has been edited for clarity

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Published April 27, 2022



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