First CityU Instructor at Partner Site in Monterrey, Mexico

First CityU Instructor at Partner Site in Monterrey, Mexico
Fall quarter started out with a huge bang! CityU introduced three new sites in Mexico and sent our first instructor Craig Thorne, CityU Associate Faculty, to Monterrey. For the last six years, CityU faculty have traveled to Mexicali to teach at CityU’s Baja California site.

Below, Craig gives us a small glimpse at what other CityU faculty will experience at CityU in Monterrey.

By Craig Thorne, CityU Associate Faculty

City University of Seattle’s new partnerships with Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) is a great opportunity for students and teachers alike.

UANL boasts an enrollment of some 130,000 — over twice the size of the largest universities in the U.S. Students have access to a wide range of programs from Architecture to Engineering to Laboratory Sciences.

UANL’s School of Business, Facultad de Contaduría Pública y Administración (FACPYA), has an enrollment of some 15,000 students. Students who enroll in the new double degree program are willingly taking on a double work-load for the opportunity to experience the curriculum and delivery modes that CityU has to offer. You will find these students to be bright, surprisingly outspoken, and actively engaged in their education.

FACPYA has designated one particular classroom for CityU courses. The classroom is very much like those we enjoy at CityU. There is a desktop PC and projector, along with a DVD/VCR home theatre system. FACPYA employees and students alike are more than happy to assist with printing, copies, and fresh coffee.

All in all, FACPYA facilities compare very favorably to those at CETYS Universidad in Mexicali and CIBT Beijing.

Good facilities and great students make FACPYA a very memorable and worthwhile experience.

Published November 29, 2010



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