We're All About the Finish - CityU students finish at twice the national rate

We’re All About the Finish

We’re All About the Finish

“CityU Students Finish at Twice the National Rate”

According to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education, City University of Seattle’s Completion Rate is 55.1 while the national average is 22.5.

U.S. National Average Completion Rate

Washington 4-Year Private Schools Completion Rate Chart

What is a Completion Rate?

Completion Rate is defined as the total number of undergraduate-level completions (degrees and certificate programs of at least one year in length) per 100 full-time equivalent undergraduates, based on total credit hours taken.

“Awards per 100 full-time undergraduate students” includes all undergraduate-level completions reported by the institution to the National Center for Education Statistics: bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and certificate programs of less than four years in length.

Full-time-equivalent undergraduates are estimated from the number of credit hours taken at the institution in an academic year. To account for changes in enrollment, the resulting metric is a three-year average of data from 2011, 2012 and 2013.

How are “Completion Rates” different from “Graduation Rates”?

Graduation Rates are designed to measure completions for groups of first-time, full-time degree-seeking students at the undergraduate level.

For universities like CityU that serve the needs of adult college students and transfer students, the standard “Graduation Rate” metric lacks relevance. The “Completion Rate” metric was developed to provide more meaningful information regarding the efficiency of institutions that primarily serve students who are not first-time, full-time freshmen.

Explore the data

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