Finding the Right Program for You

Finding the Right Program for You

Student Spotlight: Sai Smita Garimella

Meet Sai Smita Garimella! Sai is a CityU MBA student with an emphasis in Project Management. As she nears graduation, Sai reflects on the MBA program and her decision to emphasize in Project Management. Between the friendships and connections that she made and the professors’ practical approach to teaching, Sai believes that she made the perfect decision on which degree program to pursue. Watch the video below to hear Sai’s story.


My name is Sai Smita Garimella and I’m currently an MBA student with City University, emphasis in Project Management and I’m about to graduate this June.

What do I like about my program? I think I love everything about the program. If I talk about the MBA then I see how many areas, like management, finance, accounting, HR, everything. And when I talk about my emphasis area, I just love it. There’s so much to learn about with project management and the way the professors teach you, you’re like you are ready to go into the field.

Is there one thing that I take away from CityU? Well, first and foremost, it would be friendship. I have lots of friends here, lots of friends from different countries, so I love that about it. And then I’ll take the teaching technique because it’s different from my country where I come from and what I love is how practical their approach is, rather than the bookish knowledge, so I’ll take that. And obviously the professors and the way they speak and everything and teaching. I think everything is great here if you ask me.

I had planned on doing something else before this. I wanted to do my Ph.D, but I would say that the MBA was the perfect decision for me because I think now I know what to do rather than what I should not have done or shouldn’t have done. I know where I’m going after this.

*transcript has been edited for clarity

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Published November 9, 2021



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