Who is CityU?

City University of Seattle is a private nonprofit university accredited through the doctoral level. It is dedicated to serving the working adult and transfer student and is ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the Top 50 in the country for its online bachelor’s degree programs and is among the top producers of MBAs and teachers in the state of Washington.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, CityU’s Completion Rate is more than twice the national average.

CityU offers flexible online, onsite and performance-based programs throughout North America, Asia and Europe and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. CityU’s curriculum is informed and taught by professionals who are leaders in their industries and can prepare students for their big meetings tomorrow or their next big career moves.

Mission and Values

We strive to change lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the desire to learn. At CityU we value:

  • Flexibility – design and deliver programs and services to be convenient to students
  • Accessibility – provide educational opportunities to anyone, anywhere
  • Innovation – continually create new educational opportunities
  • Relevance – teach what can be applied today and tomorrow
  • Global – act local but think global

Who is the CityU Student?

Student Population
Total Headcount 6,938
Full Time 19%
3/4 Time 13%
1/2 Time or Less 67%
Undergraduate 42%
Graduate 40%
Doctorate 4%
Non-degree Seeking 14%
U.S. International Students 567 (8% of student population)
Veterans & Military Students 421 (6% of student population)
United States 65%
Canada 11%
Europe 9%
Mexico 8%
Asia 7%

47 States represented

United States 37
Canada 37
Asia 26
Europe 25
Mexico 22

In Person 33%
Online 30%
Hybrid 18%
Performance Based 3%
Other* 16%

*Internships and practica

% of Undergrads Borrowing 36.5% in 2016
Average Undergrad Loan Amount $7,100 in 2016
3-Year Cohort Default Rates (2015)
CityU 7.0%
National Average 10.8%

Undergraduate year-to-year retention 56%
Graduate year-to-year retention 63%
Bachelor’s degree graduation rate 63%
Master’s degree graduation rate 81%

Download a handout of CityU Fast Facts.