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Your True Colors
We are surrounded by color – yet not everybody realizes that our minds and bodies are constantly reacting to it. That means that the colors you wear, the colors you live around, and the colors of your logo, business card, website, and packaging all matter.
In this webinar Catherine, author of Your True Colors will draw on 25 years of experience of color psychology to introduce you to some of the core concepts that shape your world.
You will learn:
      • The definition of color psychology and why it matters
      • How color psychology is applied in branding, interior design, and personal clothing choices
      • Specific information — such as why using certain colors in your studies could help you learn better
      • How even the blind respond to color
      • The use of color as a sales predictor for DVD packaging

Sometimes little things – like color — can have a very big impact on our lives. Even better, when you know about the psychological dynamics that affect people’s moods and actions, you can use them to improve your own life and career. So, if you would rather have color working for you—rather than against you — then this webinar is just for you.

 Presenter: Catherine Shovlin
After a first career in oil and gas, covering 50 countries and 9 jobs, Catherine decided to take what she had learned and combine it with who she really is.In the last 12 years of working independently she has engaged with groups as diverse as dementia patients, adolescents in residential mental health care, boards of blue chip industrial organisations and strategy managers in NGOs.

In all of this work she applies two fundamental principles. Everybody has a valid point of view and everything is connected. Most recently that has involved collaborating with over 20 different organisations and individuals to lead a community empowerment project in a Syrian refugee camp bringing together art, behavioural research, colour psychology and well-being impact measurement in a tough context. A personal and professional challenge that is part of her constant quest for better understanding of how to grow human spirit in organisations and communities.

In the area of color psychology, Catherine has spoken at marketing and design conferences, written a book “Your True Colors” and worked with clients in the energy, entertainment and good industries as well as public services (health, education and libraries) and charities.

She lives in London with three teenagers, two dogs and a lot of butterflies.

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