Presenter:  Catherine Kaputa

It’s always been more difficult for new grads and young professionals to find a great first job because of lack of experience. Now, it’s compounded by an up-and-down economy and enormous competition.
It’s not your parent’s job market by a long shot. Then job interviews were about, “Can you do the job.” Now, it’s about, “How can you make a better impression than the other 200 people who can do the job?”
Welcome to the job-hunt, 21st-century style!
Learn the secrets of successful first-time job seekers, secrets and a job-hunting process that you probably didn’t learn in college that Catherine Kaputa learned in talking to hundreds of new grads and young professions for her new book, Graduate to a Great Career.
In this talk, you’ll learn a 5 step process for launching your career including:

  • How to unlock the “hidden job market” of unadvertised jobs that the majority of job seekers miss out on 
  • How to implement the 70/30 job hunt, the best way to allocate your time to get results
  • How to develop a resume that gets past the resume robots that screen applications
  • How to pitch yourself when you have limited job experience
  • The importance of internships and how to get the best ones
  • Leverage social media for personal branding, networking and job hunting
  • Clicking in interviews by asking the right questions and bonding with the interviewer

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