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From Student to Professional: An Essential Communication Soft Skills Guide for Aspiring STEM Professionals

Many students are happy to get their public speaking class over with and think that what they learn finishes with getting the grade. But what you learn from a public speaking class can benefit you for the rest of your life. Employers are increasingly looking for people who are effective communicators. And the good news is, like many other skills, you can improve your ability to communicate through study and continued practice.

In this talk we will discuss the 4 Basic Elements of Communication that are essential to successful public speaking and explore soft skills such as designing your message for a diverse audience, building credibility, increasing emotional intelligence, managing fear of public speaking, offering and receiving constructive feedback, utilizing effective nonverbals, and crafting persuasive messages. We will look at how these soft skills, which you have learned in the classroom, transfer to the workplace and can increase your value as a professional.

Finally, we will introduce the Human Motivation and Behavior Equation: Think + Feel = Do. This equation helps you understand how your thoughts, emotions, and actions are connected. You can use the Human Motivation and Behavior Equation as a tool for improving your emotional intelligence.

Presenter: Gino Perrotte

Gino Perrotte is an instructor, author, coach, facilitator, and speaker. His professional career is dedicated to growing creative potential, increasing perspective-taking abilities, and enhancing human connections through improved soft skills.

Perrotte is the 2015 “Teacher of the Year” for the Florida Communication Association. He facilitates multiple courses including Public Speaking and Technical Presentation, Communication and Family, Communication for Executives, Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Attitudes and Persuasion, and Nonverbal Communication. His research is focused on diversity-related studies and identity expression. He is a contributing textbook author for culture, diversity, and professional dress and has published the workbook: “From Student to Professional: An Essential Communication Soft Skills Guide for Aspiring STEM Professionals. He leads traditional and online study abroad programs that explore communication, culture, and technology.

After graduating, Kevin went into management consulting where he led initiatives with government agencies, including The United States Aid for International Development and the State Department.

Perrotte takes a practical approach to communication which was developed from his years of industry experience as a marketing and training professional for real estate management and banking. He also coached all levels of recreational gymnastics for more than a decade and managed an Olympic training facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

He holds a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Grove City College.  A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, he has participated in design-focused continuing education classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Perrotte has also studied Italian language, culture, and cuisine.

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