Build Stronger Relationships to Advance Yours Career
You grew up wanting to do more than just work a bunch of jobs, retire, and then wait out the rest of your days full of regret for never having achieved your dreams. The daily responsibilities of life derailed you from the dreams and job path you initially wanted to pursue and it’s been a struggle ever since.
This webinar will teach you to:
    • Re-connect with yourself and your dreams
    • Start doing the 5 things necessary to find a job that really works for you
    • Implement a new job search and career path strategy

If you are interested in learning how to align your job with your life goals and dreams, join Kandis as she empowers you to change the trajectory of your career path so you can be happier, authentically engaged, and more productive in all areas of your life. As an added bonus, and to keep the trajectory-changing momentum going, participants will be given an opportunity to receive Kandis’ free #WorkLifeDreamsBalance Beginner’s Kit.

Presenter: Kandis Webb
Kandis Webb, Life & Career Coach based in Atlanta, GA, empowers employees with the mental and emotional tools necessary to be purposeful, productive, and passionate at work, in life, and with their dreams.
During her 15 year corporate journey, she climbed from fast-food worker, to data entry, to customer service, and finally to sales. She earned top awards, international trips, and brought home a lot of bacon. Successful by society’s standards, though, she still struggled with feeling like there had to be more.
That struggle is what sent her on a journey of working purposefully, living authentically, and dreaming actively so that her work, life, and dreams could align. This is what her life and career coaching is based on.
Her clients have ranged from high-level marketing professionals to college graduates on the hunt for their perfect first job. Her success in helping hard-working employees re-connect with their authentic selves while aligning their jobs with their dreams can be seen from the testimonials on her website, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages.
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