Presenter:  Jane Genova

The transition from college to workplace has always been challenging. Currently, it’s even more so. Good jobs are difficult to find. Also, the expectation is that you will be productive from day-one, along with intuitively knowing how to fit perfectly into the organizational culture.
It used to be that you would be given a “grace” period to adjust. In the mid-1990s, when Jane Genova co-authored the book “The Critical 14 Years of Your Professional Life,” you were given more than a decade to develop as a professional. In this presentation, she will explain how you can meet and exceed employers’ demanding new requirements. Among the advantages you have are your youth and being totally at home with technology. 
Genova will hammer that the key must-dos are:
  • Develop mindset that you are Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of your professional life. That includes how you configure and keep updating your personal brand. The burden is completely on you to sell yourself to be hired, sell your ideas once in, and sell yourself for promotions or to the next employer. Resumes, cover letters, and interviews will be discussed.
  • Mirror the organizational culture. That used to be called “taking on protective coloring.” In a lean workplace, there is more team work. You have to look, talk, and walk like all the other members. A particular challenge is blending in with the other generations in the workplace. You can’t afford to alienate anyone.
  • Learn how to make deposits and withdrawals in what’s called “The Favor Bank.” That’s at the heart of networking, including attracting a mentor, and decoding/surviving the machinations of the grapevine. Figure out what you have to deposit. It could be your tech know-how.
  • Become flexible in adjusting to change. That has become a constant. 
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