Presenter:  Rob-Jan De Jong

Business schools, leadership gurus, and strategy guides agree that leaders must have vision. The sad truth is that most don’t…or at least not vision that compels, inspires, and energizes their people.

How can something so essential be practiced so little in real life? Vision may sound like a rare quality, unattainable by all except a select few, but nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone can expand their visionary capacity. 

You just need to learn how.
Rob-Jan de Jong will show you that in order to develop vision you must sharpen two key skills. The first is the ability to see things early, spotting the first hints of change on the horizon. The second is the power to connect the dots– turning those clues into a gripping story about the future of your organization and industry.
You will be able to develop skills that will help you look ahead and explore many plausible futures – including his trademarked “Future Priming Process,” which helps distinguish signal from noise.
You will also discover how to:
1. tap into your imagination and open yourself to the unconventional;
2. become better at seeing things early and frame the big-picture view that provides direction for the future; and
3. communicate your vision in a way that engages others and provokes action.  
When you anticipate change before your competitors, you create an enormous strategic advantage. That’s what visionaries do…and now so can you. 

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