Presenter:  Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Jump Ship: 3 Mindset Shifts To Change Careers And Achieve Breakout Career Success
Have you ever dreamed of rocking the boat—or maybe even jumping ship? Sometimes, the thought of doing something different with our lives is, at the very least appealing, and can even be a catalyst for an entirely new career path. If it’s time for you to consider pulling up anchor, this webinar is a great place to begin. Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a recruiter and career coach who has seen many career changes, from those of the candidates she’s hired, to clients she has coached, to her personal experiences. Caroline has been a classical pianist, a banker/consultant, executive recruiter, actor, Human Resources director, and entrepreneur – so she knows a thing or two about making big changes. She’s also the author of Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career. While there is no magic bullet, there are ways to improve your chances of finding a career you love, even if it’s very different from every job you’ve ever done –or has nothing to do with what you studied to do in school.

In this workshop, Caroline shares some of the best practices for changing and building rewarding careers:

    • Change everything else first: your current job, your free time, your relationships, your money habits, and your relationship to stress.
    • Try “career change light.” Change one area of your career (industry or role,) but not everything immediately.
    • Look for a job as if you aren’t a career changer. The most competitive job seekers never mention
    • they’re changing careers and don’t appear to be. Employers need to see you as an insider already, not an outsider coming in.
Before you make your next move, or update your status, spend some time with Caroline and learn how to make the most efficient and fulfilling move for your future, step by step. Big decisions are about to be made, and Caroline is an expert when it comes to providing a map to help you navigate deep waters with ease and success.

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