Presenter:  Michael Sunnarborg

21 Steps to Better Relationships: Find More Balance with Others
Are you seeking more balance in your relationships? Are there aspects of your relationships you’d like to change and don’t even know where to begin as you make those changes? Based on his book, 21 Steps to Better Relationships, Michael uses a three-step balancing process designed to gently shift your perspective, remove barriers, and help you find overall better balance in your relationships—no matter what their dynamics.
In this session, Michael will lead you through an engaging discussion about the power of our thoughts, feelings, and intuition; he will introduce the powerful, yet simple, three-step process; and he help you create a plan to find a more perfect balance in all of your relationships—from those at work to those in your personal life:
Learn more about:
    • The role of our thoughts, feelings, and intuition in forming and maintaining relationships
    • A three-step process of awareness, alignment, and activation that makes relationships better and stronger
    • Thought-provoking questions you should be asking right now, that will help you in creating a Balance Plan that works for you and the people around you.

Relationships make the world go ‘round, and the wrong dynamics within your relationships can have your world spinning out of control in no time. You’re less successful and comfortable when your world is even just a little off-kilter, so taking some time with Michael Sunnarborg to find the perfect balance will prove an invaluable tool to make existing or new relationships the best they can be.

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