Enactus Team Preps for Nationals: Final Rehearsal March 25th

Enactus Team Preps for Nationals: Final Rehearsal March 25th

The Enactus team at CityU is in the midst of prepping for the United States National Exposition 2014, where they’ll compete with other groups from around the country. Active since 2004, the group’s mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders to create a sustainable world through the positive power of business.

The team will be having their final rehearsal presentation on March 25th at 4:00 p.m. in the NW Conference Room on City University of Seattle’s main campus. They’d love it if you were able to come and provide feedback!

What is Enactus?

The Enactus team at CityU is one of 518 active teams in the United States, and they work together to use the power of entrepreneurial action to enable human progress. CityU students are applying business concepts learned in their classes to develop projects that they hope will lead to a better, more sustainable world. Some of the projects they’re working on include:

The CityU Enactus team has a history of success at the tournament, placing second nationally the last two years, and CityU is excited to continue to support the group’s mission and values. The video below gives a quick rundown of the competition for anyone interested (look for CityU at 1:22!):

The CityU Enactus team consists of students from 15 different countries and more than 15 active members among which are Aleksandra Krsljanin, Monika Petrova, Marouene Jemour, Mohammad Alkayyali, Justine Cho, Tsvetomila Boseva, Jahnabi Chetia, and Delgertsetseg Khuchitbaotar, who form the CityU Presentation team for the National Exposition. Other active members also worked hard on their projects throughout the year: Melinda Chen, Nomindari Batmunkh, Sandrine Omog, Olena Georgiu, Hang Wang, Fisnik Limani, Yang Cao, Anushka Hariharan,Yang Cao,Ramandeep Kaur and Jerzy Elite Eya Meye.

CityU’s Enactus program provides a wonderful opportunity for many international and domestic students to receive degree-specific skill and training, and also allows students to give back to the community in a very personal manner. If you have any interest in participating in Enactus, you’re invited to contact Monika Petrova, President of Enactus, and learn how you can make the most out of your CityU experience!

Published March 13, 2014