Ellen Carruth Updates Us on Mental Health Study: “Finding their Voice”

Ellen Carruth Updates Us on Mental Health Study: “Finding their Voice”

Finding Their Voice: A Qualitative Investigation of the Perceived Impact of State Budget Cuts on Consumers of Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Ellen Carruth, an Associate Professor of Counseling at City University of Seattle, has spent the better part of the last year working on an exploratory investigation on the impact of state budget cuts on mental health service providers. She’s constructed the project so that students in CityU’s Master of Arts in Counseling have the opportunity to participate as they make their way through the program.  This not only allows students to get deeply involved in the curriculum she teaches, but gives them a true understanding of how that curriculum can be applied outside of an academic setting.

“We’ve successfully completed the portion of the project that analyzes the data we’ve collected,” said Ellen. “We’ll be creating a survey shortly that will provide us with a set of quantitative data that we can pair with the qualitative data we’ve already gathered.”

While some of the original students have moved on, their places on the project have been filled by incoming new students in the program. Each student who participates will receive authorship credit after the project concludes.

“One of the project’s goals is to provide each student with a tangible milestone they can point to as they make their way forward in this field,” said Ellen.

Ellen and her students aim to affect legislative change in Olympia with the results from this project, and they plan on starting down that road with a presentation in July to the American Mental Health Counselors Association. The presentation will be given at the organizations annual conference, held this year in Seattle.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the project, and stay tuned for more information from Ellen and her students!

Published January 28, 2014



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