Doctoral Faculty Profile: Dr. Rob Freeborough

Doctoral Faculty Profile: Dr. Rob Freeborough

Dr. Rob Freeborough, CityU doctoral program faculty member, currently teaching Organizational Design and Culture, is passionate about helping— his students and his community. Having taught for seven years at Colorado Christian University, Dr. Freeborough moved to Florida, a place he notes is as far from Seattle as one can get in the contiguous states, and is now teaching online for CityU.

Dr. Freeborough loves investing in his students. He recalls, with fondness, the teachers that made a difference in his life, noting that they generally went beyond teaching content to inspiring passion in him. He works to do the same for his students, helping them not only understand the concepts, like how to make an organizational chart to how to create an organization that fits your mission, vision, and values, but to also understand how to use the content to create a significant difference in their lives and companies.

Dr. Freeborough had a career in human resources and in engineering prior to becoming a teacher. He is a SPHR, or senior professional in human resources, working mostly for nonprofit organizations. A trained civil engineer, Dr. Freeborough also worked making topographical maps from satellite images.

In addition to all the help Dr. Freeborough gives his students, he also is a helper in his community. As a volunteer for the Salvation Army, Dr. Freeborough is ready to provide disaster relief in case of a hurricane. He can drive and manage a truck that has the capacity to feed ten thousand people a day. He hopes this is a skill he will never have to use, but is proud to be ready if needed.

Published May 22, 2013



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