Dr. Rita Kepner Gallery Collection Donated to City University of Seattle

Dr. Rita Kepner Gallery Collection Donated to City University of Seattle
Lisa Painter

To celebrate and further access to education, Lisa Painter donated over 100 pieces of art from her private collection to City University of Seattle. Lisa is a well-known philanthropist who resides in Marrowstone Island, Washington, and was impressed by the flexibility and relevancy of CityU’s education. Dr. Rita Kepner, is the artist behind this collection. She is an alumna and former faculty member of CityU. This is the largest donation to CityU in its history. To celebrate this donation, CityU is hosting an event on July 17, 2014, from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. on its Seattle CampusTo learn more about this event, please visit CityU’s events calender here

Growing up, Lisa’s parents, Muriel T. and Carl W. Painter instilled in their daughter a great love and appreciation for art and education. Because of this, Lisa has made the donation in her parents’ name. According to Lisa, “I made this donation because I want to support people getting a higher education. By helping people go back to school, we are making the world a better place. I hope to accomplish this with this donation.”

Dr. Rita Kepner, at CityU talking about her art

Rita, the artist, is the founder of the Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council; listed in “Who’s Who in American Art”; noted in “Women Artists in America II”; and has exhibited her work in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Canada, and throughout Washington State. While sculpture is her primary medium, Rita has produced small to large wood and stone carvings, and a wealth of drawings and paintings. Her art is inspired by the human figure and the beauty of the human form. Rita said that she is honored to have people experience her art at various campuses around the world. Currently, her art is being displayed throughout CityU’s Seattle Campus, located at 521 Wall Street in Seattle, Washington.

According to Rita, Lisa has supported her personally and professionally throughout her career. As such, the two women have a strong friendship that extends beyond this collection. Both women are excited to see this collection at CityU and are honored to have it at a university that furthers professionals and women in particular.

Both are passionate about furthering professional opportunities for women. Aside from this donation to CityU, Lisa has a scholarship set up in her name that is designated for women going back to college. Rita has participated in several disaster relief efforts, where she has served and helped several women get back on their feet.

In talking with Rita and Lisa, women and furthering opportunities for women have influenced both of them greatly in their professional and personal lives. This collection and gift is no exception.

To read more about this collection and to see some of the art that is on display, please visit our visual gallery online.

City University of Seattle is honored to steward this gift on behalf of our students.

Published July 14, 2014