Student Profile: Rob Darling

Student Profile: Rob Darling

Full time teacher, full time dad, full time Doctoral student, and brand new Principal…Rob Darling has his hands full!

Darling is an involved father, raising his six kids, ages one to 16 years, he says his house is full of “puberty and potty training.” He partners with his wife on parenting duties, as a teacher and a dad he is working to “change the world, one kiddo at a time.” While maintaining an active role in his children’s lives, Darling is also involved in the lives of his students—mostly first and second graders.

Darling recently found out he will be an elementary school principal in the coming school year. Congratulations, Mr. Rob!!

Darling is a student in CityU’s accredited doctoral program. He got his BA from CityU, and decided to continue at CityU when it was time for his master’s and doctoral degrees. He loves the convenience of classes and the personal touch of professors, both in person and online. He says that the faculty “were very understanding when I had a sick kid or sudden change in job scheduling.”

Darling appreciates the education he is getting a CityU. He says, “Education can be very complex and includes a wide range of stakeholders. Many of the courses I took provided me with a much broader vision, a well-rounded lens when it comes to decision-making. I appreciated the sustainability components, helping me realize that it isn’t good enough to create new and exciting programs, but to do so with the future in mind.” Hear Mr. Rob share his testimonial here:

Rob Darling Testimonial

Darling has completed all the course work for his doctorate, so has his comprehensive exams and dissertation left. He says then he will be finished with his formal education— “for now!”

Published August 23, 2013



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