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TammySalmanTammy Salman is the doctoral program librarian, offering doctoral students around the world support every step of the way. Recently, she went as far as getting the only copy of a dissertation sent from a university in South Africa, to assist a doctoral student. Wow! 

Salman has been a librarian at CityU for five years, and loves it. Salman’s role is to help students navigate the vast array of library resources available to them at the CityU Library and beyond. She also helps faculty locate resources for developing curriculum and assignments in the program. Since Salman works so closely with the faculty, she is well placed to assist students. She is already familiar with the curriculum and content of all the classes in the doctoral program.

Salman loves working with students. She says, “Doctoral students are great! I have really enjoyed my one-on-one conversations and research consultations with doctoral students, including Skype conversations where I get to see their faces. Plus, doctoral students have the most interesting topics they are exploring, so I feel like I learn a little more every time I work with them.”

Salman says that the best part of working with doctoral students is when they find a “research gap.” Lower division students get dejected when they find one, but doctoral students get excited because they are trying to make connections where none currently exist. Salman then helps them verify the gap so they can use it for their research.

Salman is also impressed by CityU doctoral students. She finds that it is fascinating to work with students at the doctoral level because they have such a passion for what they are learning. She really sees them put themselves out there to become strong leaders. Seeing the CityU doctoral students go through the process has made the idea of getting a doctorate of her own less daunting.

Salman also loves the new students. Ones that last used a research library years ago. She is energized by showing them all the new technology that exists in an academic library, and how to make “digital piles” of information, in place of the stacks of physical information they were used to.

Some of the ways that Salman assists students are:

Salman, as one might expect of a librarian, is an avid reader. The most recent book she read was Children of the Jacaranda Tree by Sahar Delijani which she described as “lovely.” The next book on her reading list is World’s Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne about a body-building librarian. Her advice to readers, which she learned from a class she took with Nancy Pearl, is to not waste time on books you do not like, there is plenty else out there to read.

Published July 10, 2013



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