The School of Applied Leadership Graduates Second Doctoral Student

Dr Khatib

In the School of Applied Leadership (SAL), we are celebrating our second doctoral graduate, Dr. David Khatib, who successfully defended his dissertation on Friday, May 15th.

Dr. Khatib’s dissertation examined whether focused teacher professional development in the area of literacy correlated to increased student academic performance in Alberta, Canada.  While his initial study did not find a correlation, he did discover some interesting effects the professional development had on high performing students.  We look forward to him publishing an article about these findings.  His full dissertation will be available on the ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis database later this year.

Dr. Khatib shared with us his feelings about the program and we couldn’t be happier about his feedback.  He said,  My experience with the Ed.D. program was very good. As it should be, this was the most challenging academic endeavor I have ever entered into. In the first two years of the program, almost all of my free time was spent on the Ed.D. courses. During times when I wanted to throw in the towel, my family focused me on my final goal by giving me love, hope, faith and plenty of emotional support.

Family support so essential to the completion of an undertaking like a doctoral program.  We here at SAL want say a special thank you to Dr. Khatib’s family for helping him throughout his time with us.

In addition to the support of his family, Dr. Khatib also had kind words for his Dissertation Chair. He said, I am also grateful for the support I received from Dr. Margaret Chow, my Dissertation Chair. Her calm demeanor and ever-present reassurance enabled me to finish the program. I can never repay her for the amount of emotional security that she has given me during this process. Without a doubt, she is an academic life-saver in every sense of the word.

We here at SAL could not be prouder.  Congratulations again Dr. Khatib!!!

Dr. Chow and Dr. Khatib
Dr. Chow congratulates Dr. Khatib

Published May 19, 2015



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