CityU’s Division of Doctoral Studies Hosted Second Leadership Forum

CityU’s Division of Doctoral Studies hosted its second leadership forum on June 24th and 25th, and invited award-winning author, executive coach, and avid story-teller, Stephen Josephs, to facilitate the sessions.

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26 executive-level leaders from around the Seattle area attended the Monday evening event, and 13 students, faculty, and alumni attended the Tuesday evening event. All actively participated in a number of engaging activities to:

Stories are one of the most powerful – and least understood – elements that shape our companies’ cultures. These stories create what gets done, or what does not get done. As Peter Drucker wisely remarked, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Managing the content and tenor of stories is a leader’s most effective tool to create a culture that executes strategy. Our time together will be dedicated to taking the mystery out of stories and learning how to leverage this tool to develop leaders and create the culture we want.

stephen-square-200pxGuest Speaker: Stephen Josephs

As an executive coach and consultant, Stephen helps leaders strengthen their vitality and focus to effectively grow their companies into profitable and great places to work. He specializes in developing top- and mid-level leaders who want to make a difference and transcend challenges in new ways.

Stephen recently published Dragons at Work, a story of a tightly wound executive whose command and control style is inadequate to deal with the complexity of a project he has been given to lead. It is a fictionalized case study of coaching that produces fundamental changes in a leader. Stephen also co-authored Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery in Anticipating and Initiating Change, which shows how the different stages of psychological development impact a leader’s capacity to lead.

Stephen’s doctorate from University of Massachusetts was focused on Aesthetics in Education – how to teach anything through art, music, drama, and movement. To create greater impact and raise the fun quotient in teams and large groups, Stephen has incorporated these practices into business settings for more than 30 years. He is particularly interested in the intersection between business performance, psychology, and mind-body disciplines. Stephen has practiced mind-body disciplines (tai chi, qigong, aikido, meditation) on a daily basis for 48+ years. He has also played classical guitar for 50+ years.

To find out more about future leadership forums, please contact Dr. Kelly Flores, Doctoral Program Director, Division of Doctoral Studies at

Published July 7, 2013



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